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Our Mission

To achieve leadership in the petroleum and mining sector in the provision of services with the required quality and continuous development to achieve customer satisfaction

Our vision

To maintain excellence in the services provided by the company, so that the company remains the first choice for all customers and attention to the overall quality and continuous improvement in all fields and meet the wishes of customers and achieve their ambitions, to maximize the integration of companies in one sector in light of the current economic challenges and investment opportunities available

It consists of the following activities :-

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  1. Support services for exploration, exploration and wells drilling
  2. Support services for exploration, exploration and production in the field of mineral water
  3. Gas transport services, petroleum and mining materials and accessories
  4. Establishment of training centers for the rehabilitation of workers for the work of oil and gas companies and mining with the provision of equipment, equipment and machinery crisis
  5. Personnel transportation services for oil, gas and mining companies
  6. Operation and management of service stations and the supply of cars and the distribution and marketing of petroleum products
  7. Providing equipment, equipment, service and technical equipment for oil, gas and mining companies
  8. Providing nutrition services for workers in the fields and fields of petroleum and mining (Alcatring)
  9. Supply and transport of fresh water and wells required for workers in oil and mining fields
  10. Providing supporting services, internal maintenance, and supplementary and remedial work for sites, installations and buildings, taking into account the provisions of the laws, regulations and applicable resolutions, provided that the necessary licenses are issued for practicing these activities.


  • Build an effective company within the local market.
  • Enhance existing projects and maximize investments in line with surrounding developments.
  • Research and study on the best investment opportunities according to the material resources available for the best possible investment.
  • Research and study on the best investment opportunities according to the material resources available for the best possible investment.Activate the role of the company in the service of the petroleum sector, mining and society and preserving the environment.
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  • Developing new activities and services for the advancement of the petroleum and mining sector.
  • Contribute to identify the problems in the company and work to diagnose them, and develop solutions to provide a distinct service to customers.
  • Developing the capabilities and skills of the company's employee
  • Modernizing the systems and simplifying the working methods and procedures to achieve sufficient flexibility, speed and accuracy in the implementation of the work.
  • Follow occupational safety and health measures and protect the environment.
  • Application of the overall quality standards.

SSCO Achieve Environmental Dream For Oil Sector Companies

Port Said to treat contaminated water next to the Field of zohr

Where the station has entered a new level of completion
we are in the process of having a new equipment and Machines to connect them to the basic facilities of electricity, water and other
preparation supplication then to enter the stage of starting the starting experiments

Sinai Petroleum & Mining Services

is honored to start the activities of Training Center

The training center prepares you for what you desire and adds to your experiences through the most

powerful and unique training programs in all fields related to petroleum and mining activities.

Through the use of trainers at a high level and the availability of halls and tools technology equipped for this purpose

Soon you can book and inquire through this link

Our Services

Chairman & Assistants

Mr.Mohy Eldean Abd Elkader

Director of Administrative Affairs


General.Akram Mohamed Badwy



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Chairman's speech and Managing Director

General / Akram Mohammed Badawi

  1. He graduated April 82 from the Combat College - Armored Corps
  2. Bachelor of Commerce Ain Shams University
  3. He served in the Third Army until 1987
  4. He joined the Republican Guards' leadership and graduated from the leadership until the commander of the armored battalion
  5. MA in Military Sciences
  6. He joined the work of the Grand Diwan of Yawaran to work for the President of the Republic
  7. A scar for the work of military attaché Kuwait
  8. He worked in the petroleum sector in October 2010 in government relations - General Manager of South Valley Holding Company for Petroleum
  9. Assistant Chairman of Natural Gas Holding Company - EGAS - Security
  10. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sinai Company for Petroleum and Mining Services from June 2018

Mr.Tarek Fouad

Director of Financial Affairs


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